Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Silly pig from Angry Birds

Silly pig
Originally uploaded by parmeters
Well, he's a little lopsided (though I did my best to hide that in the photos), but I'm pretty happy with my Angry Birds pig. My daughter is trying to convince me to make all the different birds, too - not yet.

For anyone who likes Angry Birds, apparently there was some super-brief clue during a Superbowl commercial about a hidden bonus level. I'm sure you can Google it if you care. I quit playing Angry Birds after I got stuck on one level (I'm not famed for my gaming skillz) so I don't think I can even get to the level where the secret is yet.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that I used a pattern by itsybitsyspider.


  1. This is awesome, personally he should be lopsided, means an Angry bird got him. lol I heard they are making another one after the new Rio Animated movie. Should be fun!

  2. Thanks! I'm sure I'll be making another at some point, since my kids love them.